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FerroSelect QP5

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FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnet QP5 for cell separation volumes up to 4.0 mL

The FerroSelect QP5 Quadrupole Magnet is a handheld cell separation device capable of handling volumes of up to 4.0 mL. It is designed using four neodymium/iron/boron magnets to separate up to 8 x 107 cells (2.0 x 107 /ml) in a 12 x 75 mm tube using FerroSelect Reagent Kits.

Product Dimensions

Height 6.19 cm, Diameter 5.56 cm
  • Handheld magnet designed for benchtop-sized cell separations
  • Strong enough to capture ferrofluid labeled cells without the use of columns
  • The perfect size to test out our technology prior to investing in an instrument

Intended Use

Small-scale cell selections using the FerroSelect Reagent Kits


ISO 9001 - confirming

Product Restrictions

RUO, ex vivo use only

Additional Resources

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