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FerroSelect AbsenT CD3 Kit

  • Single monoclonal reagent for depletion makes negative selection a reality for the clinic
  • Allows optimization of separation protocols with RUO reagents before transitioning to clinical-grade materials for manufacturing, saving time and money
  • Designed to scale from the bench to the clinic simplifying process development and clinical deployment
  • Can enrich cells with or without washing in advance giving users ultimate control of manufacturing protocols.

FerroSelect™ AbsenT™ CD3 Kit for the negative depletion and enrichment of CD3 T cells

FerroSelect™ AbsenT™ CD3 Kit for the negative depletion and enrichment of CD3 T cells


Histograms from a CD3+ cell selection performed by the depletion of other cell types using Biomagnetic Solutions single depletion reagent (biotinylated) along with streptavidin ferrofluid and the QP5 Quadrupole magnet.



Scalability of the Ferroselect Quadrupole Cell Selection System

Enrichment of CD3 Cells by Removing Other Cell Populations (Negative Depletion)

The depletion of other cell types from leukopaks creates a highly enriched T cell population that has no capture reagents on their surface. This is accomplished through the use of a single targeting monoclonal antibody. Cells from leukopaks were washed by centrifugation and routinely resuspended at 1.0 x 108 cells/ml. Aliquots of cells were incubated with a set concentration of the “depleting” biotinylated monoclonal antibody and streptavidin ferrofluid. Cells were adjusted to a final concentration of 2.0 x 107 cells/ml and 4.0 ml of cell suspension was separated in the smaller FerroSelect QP5 Quadrupole and 12.5ml of cells separated in the larger QP15 magnet. The supernatants containing cells not captured by the magnetic field, i.e the cells of interest, were gently drained from the tube, counted and subjected to FACS analysis. Each experiment was undertaken three time with different starting products