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FerroSelect QP negative T cell selection Kit

SKU // 28-0009

“Negative” selection of naive T cells using the FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnets.

The FerroSelect QP negative T cell selection Kit contains one vial of biotinylated negative selection antibody and one vial of streptavidin ferrofluid. This kit is designed for the enrichment of human T cells from 2.0-2.6 x 10^8 nucleated blood cells. After the separation naive T cells are left behind with no reagents on their cell surface, allowing them to be used for various downstream purposes. This kit is designed for use with the FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnets.

Product Dimensions

L x W x D: 98.43 x 43.66 x 62.71 mm


Histograms from a CD3+ cell selection performed by the depletion of other cell types using Biomagnetic Solutions single depletion reagent (biotinylated) along with streptavidin ferrofluid and the QP5 Quadrupole magnet.

CD3 Negative Pre Separation

CD3 Negative Post Separation

  • No need to wash out excess monoclonal antibody, reducing processing time and cell loss through washing
  • Average purity > 85% using the FerroSelect QP5
  • Average yield > 60% using the FerroSelect QP5
  • Designed for multiple separations using the FerroSelect Quadrupoles
  • No need to wash apheresis product prior to incubation

Intended Use

Small-scale cell selections using the FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnets


9001, 13485

Product Restrictions

RUO, ex vivo use only

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