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FerroSelect CD3 Kit

  • Kits scale from the laboratory bench through to the clinic.
  • No need to wash out excess anti-CD3, reducing processing time and cell loss for subsequent activation steps.
  • Prepare for reagents intended for clinical use

FerroSelect™ CD3 Kit for the selection of CD3 T cells

FerroSelect™ CD3 Kit for the selection of CD3 T cells

Simplify your positive cell isolation with our cell selection kits and reagents

Our positive selection reagents are designed to enable quick and efficient cell separation from virtually any sample type using our antibodies (or developing your own protocols with third party biotinylated antibodies). Following a brief incubation period, as short as 5 minutes, cells can be collected from the cell suspension using either our FerroSelect QP magnets or our FerroSelect Array platform.

Selection of CD3+ (T cells) using a quadrupole magnet.

Positive cell selection of CD3+ cells from a fresh leukopak of human cells using either a QP5 Quadrupole magnet or the FerroSelect Array.

Scalability of the Ferroselect Quadrupole Cell Selection System

CD3 Positive Cell Selection

Cells from leukopaks were washed by centrifugation and resuspended at 1.0 x 108 cells/ml. Aliquots of cells were incubated with a set concentration of biotinylated anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody and streptavidin ferrofluid and adjusted to a final concentration of 2.0 x 107 cells/ml. Four millilitres of cell suspension was separated in the smaller FerroSelect QP5 and 12.5ml of cells separated in the larger FerroSelect QP15.

The supernatants containing cells not captured by the magnetic field were gently drained from the tube, the tube removed from the magnet and the cells resuspended in fresh medium. The cells were recaptured in the respective Quadrupole magnets, the supernatants drained and residual cells resuspended for cell counting and FACS analysis. Each experiment was undertaken three times with different starting products.