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Our technology has been developed for use in multiple different fields. Whether that be cell and gene therapy, cell or clinical manufacturing, cell biology research, or CAR T-cell therapy, we can optimize and help scale your processes. Let us help you get to cGMP faster.

Cell Separation Applications

Cell Biology Research

The study of the inner mechanics, kinetics, signaling, and the immune response cells can give, among many other research topics.

Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT)

The clinical process of transferring live cells into a patient in the hope that the healthy, genetically engineered cells will help the patients to either restore normal function. Cells commonly isolated for use in CT are stem cells (embryonic, hematopoietic, epithelial, etc.) or immune cells (T cells, B cells, natural killer cells, etc.).

CAR-T Cell Therapy

The process of taking the patient’s own T cells and modifying them to express a surface receptor (CAR: chimeric antigen receptor) to recognize antigens on the surface of malignant cells in the patient. Once the modified T cell’s receptor binds to a tumor antigen, the immune response begins, and the T cell will attack the malignant population.

Cell Manufacturing

The process of isolating cells at high purity and expanding them to produce a high number of purified cells of the same population.

Clinical Manufacturing

The practice of manufacturing drugs (reagent) that can be approved to use in clinical conditions of the human body.

Streptavidin Ferrofluids and monoclonal antibodies

We have a unique process using a single monoclonal antibody capable of enriching T cells through the removal of other cell types. Alternatively, we can offer you an approach to positively select T cells using a biotinylated anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody. This reagent along with a biotinylated anti-CD28 allows for the expansion of T cells by simply adding the latter mAb to T cells that have been selected with biotinylated anti-CD3 reagent and streptavidin ferrofluid.

In the first instance, we are producing reagent kits in different sizes allowing researchers to easily move from the bench to the clinic.

Streptavidin Ferrofluids and monoclonal antibodies

Small scale reagent kits suitable for development work involving the company’s Quadrupole magnets (available in two sizes)

  • The selection of T cells expressing the CD3 antigen
  • A single monoclonal antibody for the depletion of cells leaving a purified naive T cell population.

A similar set of reagent kits will be available for use with the company’s automated instrument, the FerroSelect Array, designed for the separation of cells from a quarter of a leukopak and a full-sized leukopak.

We offer streptavidin ferrofluid in different vial sizes for our customers to undertake cell separations with their own biotinylated antibodies

The company will also support the large-scale supply of ferrofluids to third parties, either in their current configuration or developed specifically for alternative applications. We can discuss with you the use of our facility for monoclonal antibody production for those needing cGMP products in the range of 5-25 grams.

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Cell Selection Application

We offer FerroSelect reagent kits that allow both the positive selection and negative depletion of cells. Each kit currently contains a single monoclonal antibody and a vial of streptavidin ferrofluid. These are specifically designed to work with the company’s cell selection devices. Talk with our customer support team in determining the best fit for your needs!

Our core cell selection platforms allow investigators to immediately undertake either the positive selection or the negative depletion of cells. The FerroSelect instrument also allows researchers to easily tailor the underlying programs supplied with the instrument, to their own requirements and save these for repeated use.

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