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Our technology has been developed for use in multiple fields. Whether used for cell & gene therapy, cell or clinical manufacturing, cell biology research, or CAR-T cell therapy applications, we can help optimize and scale your processes. Let us help you get to cGMP faster.

Cell Separation Applications

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Streptavidin ferrofluids and monoclonal antibodies

Our unique ferrofluids are designed to provide consistent purification of desired cells from complex mixtures such as mobilized peripheral blood or leukopaks.  When combined with our optimized FerroSelect biotinylated antibodies, you can expect quick and easy retrieval of your cells of interest, using either our Quadrupole magnets or our forthcoming FerroSelect Array™ closed, automated planar magnetic system.

We are producing reagent kits in different sizes allowing researchers to easily move from the bench to the clinic.

Streptavidin Ferrofluids and monoclonal antibodies
BioMagnetic Solutions Product Shots

We offer a variety of bench scale reagent kits for applications addressing reagent suitability and performance, as well as basic research studies. When used with our Quadrupole magnets, researchers can quickly assess the performance and optimal conditions for larger-scale separations. The quadrupole magnets are available in two sizes for up to 8 x 107 cells and 3 x 10cells respectively.

  • The selection of T cells expressing the CD3 antigen.
  • A single monoclonal antibody for the depletion of cells leaving a purified untouched T cell population.

A similar set of reagent kits will be available for use with the company’s automated instrument, the FerroSelect Array, designed for the separation of cells from a quarter of a leukopak and a full-sized leukopak.

The company will also support the large-scale supply of ferrofluids to third parties, either in their current configuration or developed specifically for alternative applications. We can discuss with you the use of our facility for monoclonal antibody production for those needing cGMP products in the range of 5-25 grams.

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Cell Selection Application

We offer FerroSelect reagent kits that allow both the positive selection and negative depletion of cells. Each kit currently contains a single monoclonal antibody and a vial of streptavidin ferrofluid. These are specifically designed to work with the company’s cell selection devices. Talk with our customer support team in determining the best fit for your needs!

Positive Selection
Negative Depletion

Our reagent kits allow investigators to execute positive selection and negative depletion studies in an easily accessible format.  Once optimized using our quadrupole magnets, the conditions can be scaled onto our FerroSelect Array™ closed, automated selection platform (coming soon) designed for manufacturing and scale-up.

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