Pioneering, state-of-the-art ferrofluid technology

BioMagnetic Solutions has pioneered a proprietary approach to cell separation using small magnetic particles (ferrofluids). Our state-of-the-art platforms offer clinicians, biomedical scientists, and researchers an alternative to existing immunomagnetic cell separation systems. In January 2021, Gamma Biosciences acquired BioMagnetic Solutions to enhance an evolving platform of high-performance devices being developed to support the growing field of immunotherapy.

A Legacy Continued

Since 2011, we have worked to develop magnetic ferrofluids to be used for the selection of cells needed in a wide range of medical fields including Oncology.

The small size of the ferromagnetic materials allows for their sterilization by membrane filtration, while also being able to be used to target and capture cells using simple open-field magnetic gradients.

Gamma Biosciences’ 2021 investment allows BioMagnetic Solutions to drive its efforts into both the research and clinical arenas. New office and laboratory space and cGMP-grade production facility will be completed later in 2022 to support these efforts.

BioMagnetic Solutions Product Shots