Cell Selection, Simplified.

BioMagnetic Solutions develops and commercializes best-in-class cGMP ferrofluid based selection technologies

Our Mission

State-of-the-art technologies that drive innovation

BioMagnetic Solutions provides clinicians, researchers, and cell & gene therapy manufacturers with state-of-the-art technologies for improving immunomagnetic cell separation workflows. We are driven by our years of experience in innovative product development and partnering across the biopharma and life sciences tools industry.

About Us

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Our Vision

BioMagnetic Solutions aspires to create, develop, and commercialize, class-leading cGMP ferrofluid based cell selection technologies. These technologies easily integrate into existing cellular manufacturing workflows, out-perform competitive technologies, and create over-performing value for our stakeholders.

We accomplish this through an interdisciplinary team including biologists, chemists, and engineers, attracting and retaining top talent in all functions.

We demand excellence and attention to the smallest details to assure our customers an outstanding experience with our products.

We will be agile, responsive, and relentlessly focused on building a class-beating portfolio of cell selection products, and seeking partnerships to explore technology and market adjacencies.

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The Latest News

2022 Oct 12

Gamma Biosciences and Lonza Collaborate to Co-develop Reagents for Clinical Cell Selection in the Cocoon® Platform
Gamma Biosciences, a leading provider of tools and technologies for cell and gene therapy manufacturing, through their BioMagnetic Solutions business, today announced a strategic collaboration with Lonza. Under the...


2021 Dec 13

Biotech company selects Innovation Park for expansion
Penn State will welcome a new biotech company, BioMagnetic Solutions, to Innovation Park. BioMagnetic Solutions is a portfolio company of Gamma Biosciences, a global life sciences company serving the...

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2021 Nov 16

BioMagnetic Solutions Confirms ISO Certifications and cGMP Facility Build in the Innovation Park at Penn State
MENLO PARK, Calif. and UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gamma Biosciences, a global life sciences company serving the advanced therapy market, today announced that portfolio company...

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2021 Mar 24

Paul A. Liberti, immunologist, biochemist, and biomagnetic entrepreneur, dies at 84
Paul A. Liberti, 84, of Naples, Fla., a celebrated professor of biochemistry and immunology at Thomas Jefferson University’s medical college, and the founder of several pioneering biomagnetic companies, died...

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2021 Feb 25

BioMagnetic Solutions Seeks to Revolutionize Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment with New Generation of Magnetic Cell Separation Technology
Paul Liberti, who founded BioMagnetic Solutions in 2011, is no stranger to the life sciences. A trailblazer in magnetic cell separation, Liberti now seeks to cultivate cutting-edge ferrofluid technology...

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2021 Feb 9

Acquisition Brings Happy Valley Immunomagnetic Cell Selection Company onto World Stage
BioMagnetic Solutions’ ‘exquisite process’ selects T cells for genetically engineered CAR-T cells that seek out malignant cancer cells to improve treatment for blood cancers “It’s such a great sense...

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