Advancing the use of magnetic cell selection

About the Technology

BioMagnetic Solutions is the developer of advanced ferrofluid-based immunomagnetic cell selection platforms with the flexibility to support highly specific, efficient, and scalable cell selection. The innovative FerroSelectâ„¢ Array platform delivers high performance selectivity without the need for columns or expensive consumable sets. Complementary affinity reagents and kits can be integrated into single-use magnetic separation platforms for research, clinical development, and commercial scale use.

Our Technology

Our FerroSelectâ„¢ ferrofluids give a rapid and reliable cell selection and activation.

  • Existing SolutionSmall Particles

    • Low magnetic moment
    • Require packed columns to effect selection
  • BioMagnetic SolutionFerroSelect Ferrofluids

    • Highly paramagnetic particles can be selected on planar array magnets
    • Filter sterilizable
    • Remain in solution
  • Existing SolutionLarge magnetic particles

    • Cannot be filter sterilized
    • Difficult to remove from the surface of the cell

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