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2022 Oct 12

Gamma Biosciences and Lonza Collaborate to Co-develop Reagents for Clinical Cell Selection in the Cocoon® Platform
Gamma Biosciences, a leading provider of tools and technologies for cell and gene therapy manufacturing, through their BioMagnetic Solutions business, today announced a strategic collaboration with Lonza. Under the...


2021 Dec 13

Biotech company selects Innovation Park for expansion
Penn State will welcome a new biotech company, BioMagnetic Solutions, to Innovation Park. BioMagnetic Solutions is a portfolio company of Gamma Biosciences, a global life sciences company serving the...

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2021 Nov 16

BioMagnetic Solutions Confirms ISO Certifications and cGMP Facility Build in the Innovation Park at Penn State
MENLO PARK, Calif. and UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gamma Biosciences, a global life sciences company serving the advanced therapy market, today announced that portfolio company...

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2021 Mar 24

Paul A. Liberti, immunologist, biochemist, and biomagnetic entrepreneur, dies at 84
Paul A. Liberti, 84, of Naples, Fla., a celebrated professor of biochemistry and immunology at Thomas Jefferson University’s medical college, and the founder of several pioneering biomagnetic companies, died...

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2021 Feb 25

BioMagnetic Solutions Seeks to Revolutionize Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment with New Generation of Magnetic Cell Separation Technology
Paul Liberti, who founded BioMagnetic Solutions in 2011, is no stranger to the life sciences. A trailblazer in magnetic cell separation, Liberti now seeks to cultivate cutting-edge ferrofluid technology...

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2021 Feb 9

Acquisition Brings Happy Valley Immunomagnetic Cell Selection Company onto World Stage
BioMagnetic Solutions’ ‘exquisite process’ selects T cells for genetically engineered CAR-T cells that seek out malignant cancer cells to improve treatment for blood cancers “It’s such a great sense...

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