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BioMagnetic Solutions’ product offering consists of streptavidin coated ferrofluids, biotinylated antibodies, cell separation devices, and related consumables. These support our vision of allowing you to move from the research bench to the clinic using the same reagents and processing conditions.

Our Ferrofluids

Highlights: convenience, time & cost savings

Our ferrofluids are manufactured by coupling recombinant human serum albumin (HSA) onto crystalline cores of magnetite. Streptavidin is subsequently covalently linked to the HSA. These ferrofluids are highly magnetic with a large surface area and their unique size allows them to be both sterile filtered and used with open field magnets and biotinylated monoclonal antibodies to elicit a cell separation. Manufactured currently, for research use only, products manufactured for GMP use are also set to be produced once our new cGMP facility is commissioned.

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Our ferrofluid nanoparticles

Optimized with a nominal size distribution centered at 150 nM, avoiding steric limitations of micron-sized magnetic beads used in some competitive systems.

Cells coated with magnetic particles can be captured on a planar magnet radically simplifying the collection process and eliminating the need for column requiring equipment.

Use only human recombinant materials to assure consistency and avoid introducing animal components.

Cell Selection Applications

We offer FerroSelect reagent kits that allow both the positive selection and negative depletion of cells. Each kit currently contains a single monoclonal antibody and a vial of streptavidin ferrofluid. These are specifically designed to work with the BioMagnetic Solutions’ cell selection devices. Talk with our customer support team in determining the best fit for your needs!

  • The anti-CD3 positive selection kit allows for the rapid selection of T cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) or similar products. Following brief incubation with the provided biotinylated mAb, streptavidin ferrofluid is added without the need to wash out excess mAb. A highly enriched T cell product can be produced by capturing “magnetically” coated cells using either the BioMagnetic Solutions Quadrupole or FerroSelect™ Array magnets.

    We also provide a kit that allows for the expansion of the enriched T cells. This kit contains two antibodies, the biotinylated anti-CD3 for cell selection and a biotinylated anti-CD28 both driving T cell expansion and activation. Once the T cell selection procedure is completed the biotinylated anti-CD28 mAb is simply added to the cells along with Interleukin-2 to bring about expansion and cell activation. Control of the activation state of the cells is in the hands of the researcher as biotinylated anti-CD28 can be titrated into the system independently of biotinylated anti-CD3.

    Kits are offered in multiple versions based upon the size of the starting cell product and are available in either single or five packs. These are currently for research use only, with versions manufactured for GMP on their way.

    Positive Selection Illustration
  • Our scientists have developed a unique approach to T cell “negative depletion”, also known as negative selection, achieved using a single biotinylated monoclonal antibody and streptavidin ferrofluid. Furthermore, the enrichment of untouched T cells is possible without washing the starting PBMC product. Following sequential incubation of cells with antibody and streptavidin ferrofluid, cells can be readily separated either using the BioMagnetic Solutions’ quadrupole devices or our FerroSelect Array without the need to wash away excess labeling reagents.

    Kits are available in different sizes depending upon the number of cells to be separated. They can be purchased either as individual units or in packs of five. Currently, they are intended for research use only, with versions manufactured for GMP on their way.

    Negative Selection Illustration

From the Bench to the Clinic

​​Our unique solutions allow researchers to drive their studies from the research bench to the clinic. We offer an array of products that work in concert to resolve your cell selection needs. Quadrupole magnets allow you to work at small scale and then move to the Ferroselect planar arrays that permit cell selection without the use of columns. Although we offer research use only kits currently, with versions manufactured for GMP use available when our cGMP facilities are open.

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