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FerroSelect Ferrofluid (small)

SKU // 28-0027

FerroSelect Streptavidin Ferrofluid (75 ug/mL) for use with biotinylated antibodies.

One vial of Streptavidin Ferrofluid for the selection of cells using biotinylated antibodies. One vial supports the selection of 2.0-2.6 x 10^8 cells. The FerroSelect Ferrofluid is intended to be used with the FerroSelect Quadrupoles and the FerroSelect Array.

Product Dimensions

L x W x D: 98.43 x 43.66 x 62.71 mm
  • Able to be used with any biotinylated antibody
  • Designed for multiple separations using the FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnets

Intended Use

Small-scale custom cell selections using biotinylated monoclonal antibodies


9001, 13485

Product Restrictions

RUO, ex vivo use only