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FerroSelect Ferrofluid (large)

SKU // 28-0028

FerroSelect Streptavidin Ferrofluid (1100 ug/mL) for use with biotinylated antibodies.

One vial of Streptavidin Ferrofluid for the selection of cells using biotinylated antibodies. One vial supports the selection of 0.8-1 x 10^10 cells. The FerroSelect Ferrofluid is intended to be used with the FerroSelect Quadrupoles and the FerroSelect Array.

Product Dimensions

L x W x D: 98.43 x 43.66 x 62.71 mm
  • Able to be used with any biotinylated antibody
  • Designed for multiple separations using the FerroSelect Quadrupole Magnets, or for use with the Array

Intended Use

Custom cell selections using biotinylated monoclonal antibodies


9001, 13485

Product Restrictions

RUO, ex vivo use only

Additional Resources

28-0028-01 CoA FerroSelect Ferrofluid (large) kit (26-0036-02) | Download