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A Novel Low-Cost High-Yield Separator

Primary Authors: Liberti DW Ritter and TR Khristov

Pub. Date: Aug. 25, 2018

Here we report the development and optimization of a closed Ferrofluid-based separation system in combination with an external-gradient planar magnetic separation device. We demonstrate that our external-gradient FF-enabled (X-GRAFFE) cell separation system is capable of producing T cells at high yield and high purity without an appreciable reduction in cell viability. These results are due to the gentle separation nature of FF in concert with externally generated gradients and the novel protocols that have been developed.


Production of CD3+ cells using ferrofluids for cell isolation, activation, expansion, and subsequent transfection for adoptive cell therapy 

Primary Authors: Dustin W. Ritter, Todor R. Khristov, and Paul A. Liberti

Pub. Date: Presented at AACR 2017

In this study, we investigated whether T cells isolated using common-capture ferrofluids (CC-FFs) could be activated with solution-phase @CD28 mAb, expanded in static culture with IL-2-containing media, and transfected with a GFP plasmid. We find mAb-functionalized colloidal magnetic nanoparticles {ferrofluids} with solution-phase mAbs activate T cells for in vitro expansion and transfection.