XpresSep™ Protein A Ferrofluid for Antibody Purification

BioMagnetic Solutions' XpresSep™ Protein A Ferrofluid combines our XpresSep™ Ferrofluids with a Protein A conjugation to create an antibody purification system that isquick, highly efficient, and scalable! Our Protein A conjugated Ferrofluid binds up the antibodies in a sample, making them magnetic. When the sample is placed inside our XpresSep™ Multipole Cell Separator the antibodies separate to the magnet, and can easily be washed several times to increase their purity. An elution buffer is then used to elute the antibodies off of the Protein A, yielding purified antibodies and recycled Protein A Ferrofluid for further antibody purification. 

Applications of XpresSep™ Protein A Ferrofluid: 

● Start to finish Antibody Purification in less than 1 hr!
           ◦ Binding Capacity up to 900 ug/mg FF!
           ◦ Recyclable Ferrofluid for Further Purification!
● Concentrate an antibody sample up to 1 mg/mL!


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