History and Mission

Our History

BioMagnetic Solutions brings over 30+ years of magnetic cell selection technology & development to our current game changing cell separation platforms. BioMagnetic Solutions is the successor biotech to Immunicon (NASDAQ: IMMC) where founder, CEO and CSO Paul A. Liberti developed the nano-magnetic “ferrofluids” and immunomagnetic CELLSEARCH© CTC platform marketed by J&J and now owned by Menarini Silicon Biosystems. CELLSEARCH© remains the only FDA-approved CTC platform worldwide and was honored with the prestigious Prix Galien USA 2009 Award for Best Medical Technology.

In addition to CELLSEARCH©, Dr. Liberti invented and developed: a broad spectrum of highly magnetic colloids for use in immunoassays and cell diagnostics, novel high gradient quadrupole and hexapole separators as well as methods for immunoassays and cell selection during his tenure with Immunicon. Dr. Liberti holds over 30 seminal U.S. patents in these areas. 

BioMagnetic Solutions is a highly innovative biotech company with a vast knowledge of and extensive experience with proprietary nano-magnetic liquids (ferrofluids), and the numerous fields in which they have application [CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy cell manufacture, production of pure cell populations; immunomagnetic assays; MRI contrast agents; Drug Delivery; Bioprocessing].



BioMagnetic Solutions’ focus is providing clinicians, biomedical scientists and CAR-T Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) product manufacturers with state-of-the-art platforms, systems and solutions that are quantum leaps ahead of existing immunomagnetic cell separation systems. This mission is driven by years of experience in innovative product development and partnering with major CGT and biopharma corporations.